Pioneers in Christian Counseling

Gladys K. Mwiti, M.A., a counseling psychologist, is definitely the Founder and Execute have Director of Oasis Counseling and Coaching Institute in Nairobi, Kenya. Together with her do the job at Oasis, Gladys may be the Chairman from the Christian Counselors Association of Kenya. Her spouse, Gershon, may be the countrywide staff chief of African Organization, an indigenous African counseling ministry. Gladys and Gershon have 3 daughters and a single son. Within the 1997 AACC World Conference in November, I used a while with Gladys, discussing her pioneer function in Kenya.

Inform me about oneself, your background, And just how you encountered God.

I used to be born in Meru District in Kenya, which can be close to the snow-capped, northern slopes of Mt. Kenya. Its fairly a cold region without a doubt. I grew up in a Christian property. My mother enjoys the Lord. She has generally been a lady of prayer, and Id like to be like her. She utilized to get me to church and also to substantial conventions. In Africa, we have the massive, evangelistic conferences, folks sitting down about the green grass underneath the Sunshine. That is the kind of environment in which I acquire the Lord as my Savior. We were being in a three,000-potent Conference plus the gospel was preached from John 3:16.

I take into account that the preacher said, It’s not necessarily much the sin you might have dedicated in your life; It really is the Lord loves you so, much, and what he is asking you is, Could you’re keen on me a bit in return? To be a 7 year outdated, I didn’t see my sin as a result a bad issue. I understood I was responsible of licking the product off the top of your milk when my mom was not looking or getting and consuming bread from the cabinet. What I actually noticed in myself that day was a heart which was sought after and longed to understand the appreciate of God.

I likely must mention that my father was once a Christian. He brought my mother on the Lord ahead of they bought married. She had by no means been to church, so if they achieved, my father took her to church, and he or she approved the Lord as her Savior during the East African Revival on the late 1940’s – 1950’s that reworked a lot of the church is in Kenya to evangelical church is. Mother bought to understand the Lord in that revival, but then Dad backslid. He still left Christianity he acquired richer, he grew to become a businessman, a farmer, and its like he did not want much within the Lord. He even married a second spouse, and there was plenty of stress and worry at your home. In some cases as a kid I needed there was additional peace in my residence.

Father would drink Alcoholic beverages, occur residence occasionally, and tough up my mother. I longed for fatherly love, a father I could rely on. There was so much insecurity with my dad, that Once i listened to the preacher talking about a God who liked me, I longed for that protection. I knew that if this God was the God of my mother, I could trust in him for a father. In the event the altar get in touch with was produced that working day, I basically ran into the front, joining countless other people. Now, It really is not unusual to dismiss or get lightly the fervent commitment of kids at the revivals.

A lot of people are convinced young little ones are unable to make a choice to the Lord. But Once i went to your front among the group of Grownups that day, an outdated man all around 70 a long time outdated he was wearing a large coat, and he had this kind of massive, gentle hand very same to me, bent on his knee, and just collected me to himself, hugging me. I remember disappearing into his coat, and it had been so sweet and comfortable, I did not want to leave there. I nonetheless remember the scent of his coat nowadays. He just hugged me to himself, and that symbolized acceptance of me, a child, during the church of Christ. It also represented stability and a way of belonging. I had been among the brethren.